Building of Camp David, Abaco Begins

As I alluded to in a previous post, we are actually slightly delayed in updating everyone about the progress of Camp David, Abaco, and hopefully this post will fix that and bring everyone up to speed on the progress. We basically started construction just after Labor day in the U.S, so are just shy of 3 weeks into the project. We will do our best to document our progress on this blog so that everyone can follow the building process. Hopefully it will make a future stay in Camp David more enjoyable!

Building of Camp David Abaco begins September 6, 2012

Looking at the above picture, I am still amazed at the difference in the property itself. Remembering the jungle that I was greeted with 9 months ago, the work just to get it to this point has been way more than I initially anticipated. It has been well worth the effort though. The property is blessed with at least 12 fully matured palm trees, a staple for any Bahamian hideaway.

Doesn’t the yard look much neater, even with the building materials?

We are lucky to have a top-notch local crew, the same team that built Kokomo. If one of those boards isn’t perfectly straight, they send it right back to the lumber yard. I feel confident the house will be sturdy and here to stay when it’s done.

Keeping the footprint of the house basically the same, but the platform will be raised by about 2.5 feet.

We decided to keep the footprint of the house basically the same so that we could use the existing concrete slab as a foundation. The inside of the home will be roughly 1500 square feet, in addition to a sizable deck that will span the whole front of the house. Did I mention 10 foot ceilings?

Platform before the flooring is laid

Looking at the above picture I am reminded of how beautiful the Bahamas can be in September. Obviously, the hurricane risk scares a lot of visitors away, but the water is like a warm bath which I find particularly appealing. The only downsides are the potential hurricane risk and the fact that September is one of the hottest months in Abaco, making it one of the worst fishing months (though I bet it still beats the fishing most other places!).

Framing of the house is almost complete, with 10 foot ceilings throughout the whole house and 5 large windows spanning the front of the house

The framing of the perimeter of the house is nearly complete already, making the progress seem shockingly fast to a novice like me. However, I am told by my mom and other people experienced with the building process that it’s when they get inside and start doing the details that it gets tedious.

This will be your view while you’re standing behind the kitchen counter – paradise if you ask me!

My favorite part about this particular home design is the 5 widows spanning the front of the house. My goal is for you to feel like the home is just an extension of the beach, no matter which room of the house you are in.

My mom and me examining the progress on 9/22/2012

And with that you are basically up to date on the progress of Camp David, Abaco. Unfortunately, I had to head back to New York so I will no longer be able to see the progress in person, but my mom has promised to keep both me and this blog up to date as we continue to progress.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you at Casuarina Point soon!

Camp David, Casuarina Point, Abaco

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