Camp David Progress…

Hello from the Miami airport!  I am on my way home from a quick trip to Abaco to check on the progress at Camp David.  I was SO excited when I arrived – it is looking like a house!

This is the view of Camp David on the day I arrived – December 5th.
This is the view that greeted me when I arrived at Casuarina Point on December 5th!

All of the regular windows are in – and the roof is on and sealed – just waiting on the metal roof to arrive and be installed..

This morning, before I left Abaco, I stopped by the house to take a few more pictures – and the siding is going on, and Lucger, our painter, is already priming to prepare for the finish.

The East side of the house – with siding installed.
Lucger is priming the siding – while Steve, William, and Roger are continuing to install siding – on the street side….
…and Hartie and Andrew are installing the street side door.

Our crew works SO well together – and make the building process very efficient.  Lucger is painting, while William, Roger and Steve continue to install siding, and Hartie and Andrew are putting in the door that faces the street.  I wish I could have stayed to see it installed!

Camp David is going to be BLUE – with white trim.  The two shades under consideration are ‘Isle of Capri’ and ‘Windjammer.’  Lucger painted some samples to help with the selection.  They almost look the same.

‘Isle of Capri’ on the left – and ‘Windjammer’ on the right.

The only disappointing news of the trip was that when they opened the crate with the HUGE windows/doors that face the beach, they found that 2 of the 4′ x 8′ windows had cracks in the corner.  They are impact (hurricane) windows, so they are extremely heavy!  The crate was not strong enough to support the weight.  Tomorrow I will be ordering the replacement sections.  Luckily it will not hinder the progress on the house.  They will put in the doors/windows they have and continue working on the rest of the finishing.

This is one of the cracked panels. It is cracked in the upper left corner – hard to see it.
A closer look at the crack. Can you see it?

I can’t wait to see the huge windows installed!  They will be spectacular!

Here are a few pictures from inside the house:

Part of the view from the kitchen – the windows are wider than this picture shows!
Looking through the windows from the living room.
Most of the deck is finished. The recessed area where the hot tub will be is not finished yet.

The spacious deck will be a great place to relax and take in the view!

There is plenty of room on the beach side deck for a dining table, lounge chairs, etc.

I guess that is it for my report from Miami.  I expect to post another update around the end of December.  Please be looking for it.  Thanks!  🙂


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