Camp David — ready for new guests!

Hello all,

This is Laura, special guest posting for the day to tell you how excited we are about Camp David being ready to share with you. Kathy has spent months traveling back and forth to personally supervise EVERY detail, and we really feel like the house is something special after all of her hard work.

We’ve come a long way from where we started! But before the pictures, a little background…

Casuarina Point was originally divided up by the guest workers of a long-gone sugar plantation. These distinctive one-story, wide homes were built for the executives to relax and enjoy the spectacular views — and a few of them are still standing! When we bought the original Camp David property, we realized that the original structure wasn’t sturdy enough to be renovated, so we started from scratch. However, we decided to honor that classic one-floor look as we fell in love with the long, long porch that it offered. Since we love to come down with friends and family, it was important to have the same big open kitchen/living room/dining room that Kokomo, Abaco Palms and Calypso all offer. Because of the unique house design of Camp David, we were able to add to that wall-to-wall full length windows so that every part of the house looks only a step away from the beautiful water. And we had our secret weapon…Kathy and all her experience in supervising the design and construction of the other wonderful rentals.

But enough with the story. I know you’re here for the photographs!

Let’s start with the main room. On the left, the big dining table:


On the right, the seating area and television:


Looking back away from those windows towards the full-size kitchen. We brought our own cabinets (as well as our filters, but that’s for a different post!) direct from the factory in Alabama..and are so happy with the result!


Now, a tour of the master suite (just to the left of the big dining table): the enormous four-poster bed and a quick peek at the view…



And now the second master suite. There’s the sunken hot tub and our spectacular mature palm trees…can’t choose between a hammock snooze or a hot tub dip? Try both!


We are incredibly excited to be heading down there ourselves Memorial Day week and promise to update with even more photographs then. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour!

(And can you believe we started with this?)

This is a before picture of Camp David, with Laura showing off her new property


One thought on “Camp David — ready for new guests!”

  1. July 22, 2019

    Family of 5 stayed at Camp David. Two young adults age 19 along with parents and grandmother who is handicap.
    We had a GREAT trip. The house is beautiful!! The beach is gorgeous and very peaceful.
    We used the kayaks and paddle boards, and the skiff.
    Kathy is a complete joy. She’s the most responsive person I’ve come across. She went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed. Even providing a shower bench for my mother who is handicap. Kathy was extremely helpful answering my questions and assisting me with my planning. I highly recommend staying at one of her properties. They are well maintained and very nice. I look forward visiting again.
    This is a vacation to spend with your family as a family- great quality time without everyone running in different directions. Of course everyone can do there own thing but your still together. This vacation was well overdue. My daughter is 19 and memorable vacations are valuable. She was never bored. She loved going for walks and seeing the sea turtles, sting rays and fish in the water. What an amazing get away!
    Thank you Kathy 😊

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