Abaco Parrots at Casuarina Point

DSCF1736During our recent visit to Casuarina Point (September/early October 2015) Abaco Parrots were in our neighborhood everyday.  We would hear them squawking loudly as they flew from tree to tree at feeding time – early mornings & late afternoons.  We had just planted 3 new, tall Christmas Tree Palms on the street side of Kokomo, and they LOVED feeding on the berries!

It offered me a great position on the porch to watch them and take pictures and these three videos.

Video 2 of Abaco Parrots at Kokomo

Video 3 of Abaco Parrots at Kokomo

Here are a few still pictures, but the videos are the best.

Although Abaco Parrots are considered rare, they are not so rare or hard to find if you know when and where to look. They are not even endangered. Although the green, squawky birds were once found on five or six islands, they now inhabit only Abaco and Inagua. There are 3,000 to 5,000 of them on Abaco.  They nest in the ground, sometimes six feet down in limestone caves, so the time to find them is early morning or early evening – when they are feeding in the trees.  Listen for their squawking, and you will find them.  Their beautiful green feathers might blend into the tree, but when they fly, especially when the sun is shining, you will be amazed at their electric blue wings.

They seem to be easier to find this year – so does that mean the population is increasing?  I hope so!  I have had the pleasure of seeing them at Casuarina Point, Schooner Bay, and Bahama Palm Shores this year.  My Kokomo viewings were the most up close and personal, so I wanted to share.

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