Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma at Casuarina Point, Abaco

Hello from Abaco! What a wild storm week! We have been tracking Hurricane Irma from the time it was an Invest off the coast of Africa. What a scary storm to watch! We are counting our blessings once again, as the storm has stayed away from Abaco. Today (Friday, September 8th) the small waves are rolling in at Casuarina Point, and we can see huge waves breaking out on the farthest reef. All of you who have visited Casuarina Point know that we usually do not have waves!

As you can see in the short video above, Friday evening was beautiful at Casuarina Point.  The Windfinder app said we had sustained 25 mph winds, but it didn’t feel like it.  I walked the beach late afternoon and looked for treasures.  I saved 5 conch (put them back in the water) that had washed up on the shore and were far from the water.  One was huge!  2 medium and 2 small.  Hope they made it!  When I walked by on my way back I looked to make sure they had not washed up again – and they were still in the water.

Here are a few pictures from Friday afternoon on the beach at Casuarina, starting with pictures of the 4 houses ready for the storm:

Camp David
Calypso – with the shutters on…
Abaco Palms – The HIGH (full moon) tide washed up close to our grass. See the high tide line marked by the seaweed.



Lot of these Stiff Pen Shells on the beach.
This is a HUGE conch (I think it is a Horse Conch.). It was washed far up on the beach, but it was alive – so I carried it back to the water – hope it lived!
These 2 PERFECT Cowrie Helmet shells washed up together.




Purple coral.
Very thick rope.












A tiny Sea Urchin
Queen Conch – still alive – so I put it back in the water.
Many large sponges have washed up on the beach.


The west end of Casuarina’s Beach.











Looking at Casuarina’s beach from the far west end.














A BEAUTIFUL (but windy) pink sky morning – around 6 am Saturday, September 9th.




The first of the 2 videos above was from 6 am this morning, and the 2nd was around 10 am.  The winds are continuing to be about the same as the last video, and we expect them to stay that way through Monday.  You might notice that the far out waves seem to be coming straight in, but the choppier waves close to the beach are blowing to the west, because our current winds are from the ESE.

One last picture:  My favorite shells from yesterday, and a small, but nicely formed piece of coral.

If we still have power I will update later today or tomorrow morning – if not, I will update with pictures after the storm has passed.  We are expecting the strongest winds here Sunday night/early Monday morning, but we are not expecting too much stronger than we are experiencing right now.  We are so lucky!







2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma”

  1. Thanks for the update. Great photos n vedio of the beaches. Stay safe as we pray you through the storm sharon n Jim

  2. Keeping up with you here, so please do post more when you have a chance. Love, Love, Love the shells! God’s most awesome creation!!! We did not find any of those when we were there. The Bonnets, I mean, if that is the right name for them.

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