After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point, Abaco, Bahamas

After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point

Good morning from Camp David!  It is a gorgeous day!

East view from the deck at Camp David
West view from the deck of Camp David

We are back in business.  As you can see 2 of our boats are in the water, because we had guests arrive at two houses yesterday.  It is great fishing weather and also perfect for hanging out on the beach.  We are so thankful!

On Monday afternoon the breeze was back to normal, and I went on one more treasure hunt on the beach.  My main objective was to save any conch or anything else alive that was stranded by the winds and high tides.  I did find several that I put back in the water, and I hope they all lived!

This beautiful Sea Star probably didn’t make it. It was starting to get soft when I found it, and in the water they are very hard. I still put it back in the water and HOPE it made it! They are SO BEAUTIFUL to see in the water!

I found 3 HUGE conch shells – still alive – and HOPE they lived!  They were hard to get back in the water, because they are surprisingly heavy!

In the short video above, I was hoping to capture some movement, but didn’t get much.  It is a good, up close picture of the animal though.

I found several live queen conch, of various sizes, stranded by the seaweed and tides, too.

This video shows the larger conch moving:

Some other interesting finds from Monday’s walk:


Looking at Camp David from the beach on Thursday morning – a blue sky day!

3 thoughts on “After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point, Abaco, Bahamas”

  1. Kathy – hope that Camp David survived Dorian! So sad to hear of all the destruction on Abacos and Grand Bahama. Praying that your homes survived and that the locals that were so friendly are able to get their lives put back together! So devastating.

    Brad and Stephanie Huseby
    guests from February 2016

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie & Brad. So sorry I just saw this. I hope you have been following my updates to the ‘Dorian’ blog. Everyone at Casuarina is fine. Many have evacuated but will be back once power is restored (including us). We have water restored at Casuarina already, and expect to have power in a few weeks. South Abaco will be key to the rebuilding of Abaco, and the local guides and hospitality workers are already hoping guests will be coming back soon. We appreciate your prayers and support! Please continue to pray for Abaco and Grand Bahama.

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