Hurricane Maria – All is calm….

Hurricane Maria – All is calm in Abaco. 

It is Sunday afternoon, September 24th, and Hurricane Maria is now north of Abaco, and we are hoping for a sharp turn to the east – away from the US coast.   The breeze is still gusty.  Windfinder says sustained winds of 17 mph with gusts to 21 mph, but the wind is from the northwest, so it seems less on our beach.  I wanted to write a quick update because we are still receiving emails from concerned friends.  Thank you!

View from Camp David this afternoon…

This is a video of our beach today:

Eastern View
Southern view
Western View

And I will close with my 2 favorite treasures from the last few days:

Another purple coral – with thicker branches than the ones I found last week.
A large sea urchin shell. This might be the largest, intact (I don’t count the hole in the top) sea urchin I have ever found.

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