Covid & How to Travel to Abaco in 2022 – Updated February 27, 2022

TRAVEL RULES FOR THE BAHAMAS (Taken from: – February 27, 2022)

  • Create an online profile at this Bahamas government website
  • Take a COVID-19 test no later than 72 hours before traveling
  • Upload negative test to your Bahamas online profile
  • Apply for a Travel Health Visa that includes Bahamas Insurance
    • A Rapid test works for vaccinated travelers – others need a PCR
  • Get approved for travel and get a Travel Health visa barcode
  • Show your Travel Health visa in order to enter The Bahamas
  • Pass another COVID-19 rapid antigen test the day before you leave so you can board your flight home.

March 2, 2022 Update:

  • Are there additional testing or monitoring requirements for travelers on island? 
    • Effective 2 March 2022, The Bahamas removed on-island testing protocols as a result of declining cases. This applies to vaccinated AND unvaccinated travelers.  (Before March 2nd an additional test was required on the 5th day.  I am so glad they did away with that!)
    • All unvaccinated persons traveling into and throughout The Bahamas will be required to complete a short daily Health Questionnaire.
      • The questionnaire must be completed upon arrival and each day thereafter for up to 14 days, or the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter.
      • This includes the day of departure, if traveling less than 14 days.

The process of traveling to the Bahamas is much easier than it looks and shouldn’t prevent you from making a trip to this very special slice of paradise.

We have personally used at home, but monitored, Rapid Antigen Tests for our travel documents and Visa application.  We have ordered tests online from Optum and then performed the test over a Facetime call with a professional who certified our results, and received the results within an hour. Once you have your negative results you can complete your request for the required Bahamas Travel Health Visa.  (This is the link to the government website: )  It is an easy process – online, and they are providing very fast turnaround.  I am not sure what the current charge is, but the last I heard it was $40 for a vaccinated traveler, and it included some health insurance to cover medical evacuation or the cost of staying in the Bahamas to receive a negative test if you DID test positive.  Children under 18 are must be registered, but they are included under the parent’s Travel Health Visa.
Our best places for the 5 day rapid test AND the tests to return to the USA – are:

* Siren Davis (a retired RN) offers tests by appointment at the Sandpiper Inn at Schooner Bay.  She charges $50 per test.  I want you to know this option in case it is more convenient for you.  You might dine at the Sandpiper and get your test the same visit.  Call Siren Davis for an appointment:  1-242-829-3322.

* Integrated Medical Centre:  Drs. Charite & Boyce.   the phone number is:  242-699-1304.   Their office recently moved to the new Resilience Square shopping center – see ‘Eden Well’ directions below.
Eden Well:  Covid testing site in Resilience Square Plaza – north (going toward Marsh Harbour) of the airport roundabout and just past St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church – the new Plaza on the right.
* St. Thomas Medical Centre ‘Walk-In Clinic’ Dr. Latesha McIntosh; 1-242-367-0277; 367-7999; cell: 1-242-577-9999.  North of the airport roundabout – past Resilience Square – on the right.
I always print out our test results and Visa, but this visit (January 2022) they did not keep either – so I had them to show for our 2 day test.  You can show a copy on your phone if you wish.  For me, printed is easier.
At this time, a negative Covid test is still required to return to the United States:  U.S.-bound air travelers (2 years of age and older) must get tested the day before flying and bring written or electronic proof of the results. Airlines can accept both PCR and Rapid Antigen tests. If you don’t have the documentation with you, airlines won’t allow you to board, according to the CDC’s order.  We presented our results to the airline at checkin, and we were never asked for it again – only at checkin for our flight departing Marsh Harbour.  I thought US Immigration would want to see it, too, but they did not ask for it.  We went through Miami, and Immigration and Customs were a quick walkthrough – fast and easy.
ALL THIS COULD CHANGE, (I KEEP HOPING TESTING WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED) and I do my best to keep this blog updated with the latest news, but their system seems to be working for them, Covid numbers are down, so I think it may still be required for a while.  Bahamians go through this same process to travel.  Abaco is a GREAT place to be right now – low density, warm weather, and lots of fresh air!

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  1. We stayed at Camp David June 6-13 2021. It was by far the best and most relaxing vacation we have had in a long time! Kathy is so easy to work with and responded quickly to any of my questions. We are so happy that Camp David is renting again and have started our planning process for vacation this year.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to post this, Shelly. We appreciate your very kind words and would LOVE to have you back! Kathy 🙂

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