Marsh Harbour Restaurants

Marsh Harbour Restaurants 2022

Cracked Conch Sandwich with Garden Salad

September 2022:  Many Marsh Harbour restaurants are open now, but some are closed for maintenance and vacations in September, so it is always best to check with the restaurant before driving in to town.   Wally’s ,  Snappas, Colors, Jake’s & Sugar Cane have re-opened and the Jib Room should be opening soon.

Pre-Dorian:  The largest number of restaurants in Abaco are located in the largest settlement, Marsh Harbour.  I will continue to add to my list, so check back for more dining options.  I am not including the ‘Restaurants Frequented by Locals’ under this category, although right now they are mainly in Marsh Harbour, too.


The Jib Room


The Abaco Beach Resort Restaurants: -Bistro & Pool Bar & Terrace at Marinaville

Colors by the Sea

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