Sweets by Meeks

If you are looking for a very special dessert – or Birthday Cake, Tamika Huyler, and her business Sweets By Meeks, is the way to go.

You can call her:  242-699-2112 OR 242-475-1851 – or email works, too: TamikaHuyler@hotmail.com.

She made a birthday cake for us recently – and it was BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS!  Chocolate was our choice:

Chocolate Birthay Cake from Sweets By Meeks
Chocolate Birthday Cake from Sweets By Meeks

She makes cakes from simple to VERY elaborate!  We asked for a simple chocolate cake (above), and it was decorated with hand dipped Strawberries!

One of Sweets By Meeks specialty desserts is Red Velvet Cheesecake:

Red Velvet Cheesecake
Red Velvet Cheesecake


One of MANY elaborate cakes Tamika has made. You can see MANY more if you look at her facebook page.
One of MANY elaborate cakes Tamika has made

417966_390597761054572_1307405495_n 485137_306397496141266_1114106445_nIf you would like to see many more of Tamika’s fancy creations you can check out ‘Sweets By Meeks’ on facebook.417681_159907494123601_1196825959_n

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