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Camp David — ready for new guests!

Hello all, This is Laura, special guest posting for the day to tell you how excited we are about Camp David being ready to share with you. Kathy has spent months traveling back and forth to personally supervise EVERY detail, and we really feel like the house is something special after all of her hard work. We’ve come a long way from where we started! But before the pictures, a little background… Casuarina Point was originally divided up by the guest workers of a long-gone sugar plantation. These distinctive one-story, wide homes were built for the executives to relax and enjoy the spectacular views — and a few of them are still standing! When we bought the original Camp David property, we realized that the original structure wasn’t sturdy enough to be renovated, so we started from scratch. However, we decided to honor that classic one-floor look as we fell in love with the long, long porch that it offered. Since we love to come down with friends and family, it was important to have the same big open kitchen/living room/dining room that Kokomo, Abaco Palms and Calypso all offer. Because of the unique house design of Camp David, we […]

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It's about time to hang a hammock from the coconut trees!

Camp David – we are getting close!

First I must apologize for taking SO LONG to update you on the progress of Camp David!  This has been an VERY busy year!  We are in Abaco now waiting to receive the contents of our 2-40′ containers that are at the dock.  This is our third MAJOR shipment, and it contains all the furniture for Camp David, the cabinets for Camp David and Calypso, appliances, light fixtures and faucets for both houses, and MANY miscellaneous items.   It will be a busy work week, but a fun one, too – kind of like Christmas.  I select, pack and ship – and then the packages arrive – fun to open! The tile flooring is finished, so it will be convenient to store everything inside.  They are still working on tiling the bathroom walls, and then it will be time to install the cabinets.  I can’t wait!          

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Camp David Progress…

Hello from the Miami airport!  I am on my way home from a quick trip to Abaco to check on the progress at Camp David.  I was SO excited when I arrived – it is looking like a house! All of the regular windows are in – and the roof is on and sealed – just waiting on the metal roof to arrive and be installed.. This morning, before I left Abaco, I stopped by the house to take a few more pictures – and the siding is going on, and Lucger, our painter, is already priming to prepare for the finish. Our crew works SO well together – and make the building process very efficient.  Lucger is painting, while William, Roger and Steve continue to install siding, and Hartie and Andrew are putting in the door that faces the street.  I wish I could have stayed to see it installed! Camp David is going to be BLUE – with white trim.  The two shades under consideration are ‘Isle of Capri’ and ‘Windjammer.’  Lucger painted some samples to help with the selection.  They almost look the same. The only disappointing news of the trip was that when they opened the […]

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Camp David Update

I MEANT to post some pictures as soon as I got home from Abaco, but after being away so long I had SO much to do at home!  Sorry for the delay, but I still want to show the stages of building, so I will post pictures here from October 22nd – the last day I took pictures in Abaco.   These pictures were taken after 25 and 1/2 days of work. I left in a hurry on October 26th with ‘Tropical Storm’ Sandy on the way.  I had hoped to take pictures the last day, but didn’t get to.  When I reached Miami, I saw the report that HURRICANE Sandy – a Cat. 2 – was heading for Abaco!  I wished I could turn around and finish securing the houses, but it was too late!  Our caretaker, Rex Albury, took care of closing the shutters and preparing the houses – THANK YOU REX!  Hartie and Andrew brought the boats around and left them on trailers at Abaco Palms. Our houses made it through Sandy with no damage!  The storage room door at Kokomo blew off – but it needed some work anyway- so that was VERY minor! Here are some […]

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Camp David – after another full week’s work – end of work day 21

Following the week off, it is exciting to see progress being made again at Camp David!  The interior framing is finished – so I can walk IN the rooms.  I am very happy with the layout. Yesterday they set the 6 – 8″x8″ columns that will support the roof over the deck, each secured with a block of concrete 30″ deep and about 2’x2′!  They are not going ANYWHERE!…even in a hurricane! Last night on our ‘sunset cruise’ I couldn’t resist taking more pictures from the water view. Next week we should see some BIG changes as they put plywood on the exterior walls!

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Camp David – end of day 16

Before I update with the MOST current pictures, I want to share a few pictures of Camp David, taken from the water on Monday, September 24th – the end of day 13 of construction.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening out in the skiff. As David mentioned earlier, we are very fortunate to have a small, but amazing, construction crew building Camp David.  I enjoyed working with them building Kokomo, and we waited for them to be available to start Camp David.  They do it ALL – down to a high quality finish. Their company is PAR Construction, owned and run by three experts. They are GREAT guys and a pleasure to work with. They are from a small community, Cherokee Sound, just across the water from Casuarina Point.  It is a quaint, loyalist settlement with independent, hardworking, resourceful, friendly, helpful residents.   They are honest and loyal, and they care about each other and take care of each other.  They are very special people and a good example to all. Cherokee is picturesque and charming – a fun place to visit and accessible in our skiffs, but I digress.  I will try to write about visiting Cherokee in another post! Today, […]

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Building of Camp David, Abaco Begins

As I alluded to in a previous post, we are actually slightly delayed in updating everyone about the progress of Camp David, Abaco, and hopefully this post will fix that and bring everyone up to speed on the progress. We basically started construction just after Labor day in the U.S, so are just shy of 3 weeks into the project. We will do our best to document our progress on this blog so that everyone can follow the building process. Hopefully it will make a future stay in Camp David more enjoyable! Looking at the above picture, I am still amazed at the difference in the property itself. Remembering the jungle that I was greeted with 9 months ago, the work just to get it to this point has been way more than I initially anticipated. It has been well worth the effort though. The property is blessed with at least 12 fully matured palm trees, a staple for any Bahamian hideaway. We are lucky to have a top-notch local crew, the same team that built Kokomo. If one of those boards isn’t perfectly straight, they send it right back to the lumber yard. I feel confident the house will […]

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You never know what hidden gems your’re going to find on an Abaconian property….

In the next post we are going to start providing updates on the current progress of the house (we are slightly delayed in posting, but we have actually been under construction for the past two and a half weeks and are making some nice progress already). My goal is to bring you up to speed in a blog post or two over the next couple of days. However, before we move on to the new construction of Camp David Abaco, I thought I would provide you with a bit more history on the project! As you can at see in the picture below, the original house was being completely overtaken by a sea grape that had not been cut for years. The week in December that I was there working, I had one of the guys on my crew working nearly full time to get rid of the sea grape on the property. I left that week feeling like I had accomplished a great deal, with the majority of the clean up of the property already behind me. My mother Kathy went to Abaco two weeks after I had left and worked with a couple of the guys from the […]

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Camp David – the newest addition to Abaco Palms Properties

As some of you have probably already heard, we are adding a new home to the Abaco Palms Properties portfolio. The home is called Camp David and is located on beautiful Casuarina Point on the same beach as Abaco Palms and Kokomo. Camp David will be a 3 bedroom and 3.5 bath home, with floor to ceiling windows across the beach side making for beautiful views of the beach and palm trees directly on the property. Camp David is available for bookings starting March 1, 2013. One of the most common questions that we get from renters is, “What is it like to build a house in the Bahamas?” Well, the short answer is that it is a lot more complicated (and expensive!) than building a home in the continental U.S. where a Home Depot is generally only a 10 minute drive away. It takes an unbelievable amount of planning and coordinating in order to be able to pull it off, and for that I am eternally grateful to my mother Kathy for being the person that is handling it all for us. If you have visited us at Casuarina in the past, you will have driven right by the […]

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