Camp David — ready for new guests!

Hello all, This is Laura, special guest posting for the day to tell you how excited we are about Camp David being ready to share with you. Kathy has spent months traveling back and forth to personally supervise EVERY detail, and we really feel like the house is something special after all of her hard … Continue reading “Camp David — ready for new guests!”

Camp David – we are getting close!

First I must apologize for taking SO LONG to update you on the progress of Camp David!  This has been an VERY busy year!  We are in Abaco now waiting to receive the contents of our 2-40′ containers that are at the dock.  This is our third MAJOR shipment, and it contains all the furniture … Continue reading “Camp David – we are getting close!”

Camp David – after another full week’s work – end of work day 21

Following the week off, it is exciting to see progress being made again at Camp David!  The interior framing is finished – so I can walk IN the rooms.  I am very happy with the layout. Yesterday they set the 6 – 8″x8″ columns that will support the roof over the deck, each secured with … Continue reading “Camp David – after another full week’s work – end of work day 21”

Camp David – end of day 16

Before I update with the MOST current pictures, I want to share a few pictures of Camp David, taken from the water on Monday, September 24th – the end of day 13 of construction.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening out in the skiff. As David mentioned earlier, we are very fortunate to have a small, … Continue reading “Camp David – end of day 16”

Building of Camp David, Abaco Begins

As I alluded to in a previous post, we are actually slightly delayed in updating everyone about the progress of Camp David, Abaco, and hopefully this post will fix that and bring everyone up to speed on the progress. We basically started construction just after Labor day in the U.S, so are just shy of … Continue reading “Building of Camp David, Abaco Begins”

You never know what hidden gems your’re going to find on an Abaconian property….

In the next post we are going to start providing updates on the current progress of the house (we are slightly delayed in posting, but we have actually been under construction for the past two and a half weeks and are making some nice progress already). My goal is to bring you up to speed … Continue reading “You never know what hidden gems your’re going to find on an Abaconian property….”

Camp David – the newest addition to Abaco Palms Properties

As some of you have probably already heard, we are adding a new home to the Abaco Palms Properties portfolio. The home is called Camp David and is located on beautiful Casuarina Point on the same beach as Abaco Palms and Kokomo. Camp David will be a 3 bedroom and 3.5 bath home, with floor … Continue reading “Camp David – the newest addition to Abaco Palms Properties”