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View from Camp David this afternoon...

Hurricane Maria – All is calm….

Hurricane Maria – All is calm in Abaco.  It is Sunday afternoon, September 24th, and Hurricane Maria is now north of Abaco, and we are hoping for a sharp turn to the east – away from the US coast.   The breeze is still gusty.  Windfinder says sustained winds of 17 mph with gusts to 21 mph, but the wind is from the northwest, so it seems less on our beach.  I wanted to write a quick update because we are still receiving emails from concerned friends.  Thank you! This is a video of our beach today: And I will close with my 2 favorite treasures from the last few days:

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West view from the deck of Camp David

After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point, Abaco, Bahamas

After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point Good morning from Camp David!  It is a gorgeous day! We are back in business.  As you can see 2 of our boats are in the water, because we had guests arrive at two houses yesterday.  It is great fishing weather and also perfect for hanging out on the beach.  We are so thankful! On Monday afternoon the breeze was back to normal, and I went on one more treasure hunt on the beach.  My main objective was to save any conch or anything else alive that was stranded by the winds and high tides.  I did find several that I put back in the water, and I hope they all lived! I found 3 HUGE conch shells – still alive – and HOPE they lived!  They were hard to get back in the water, because they are surprisingly heavy! In the short video above, I was hoping to capture some movement, but didn’t get much.  It is a good, up close picture of the animal though. I found several live queen conch, of various sizes, stranded by the seaweed and tides, too. This video shows the larger conch moving: Some other interesting […]

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Saturday afternoon, September 9th.  20+ mph winds - but you would never know it from these pictures.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful.

Update: Hurricane Irma in Abaco – Sunday morning

Hello from Casuarina Point, Abaco.  (If you do not see the full blog – click on the picture.)  This is our 3rd day of 25 – 30 mph winds (Sunday morning) and rough seas, and we continue to be very thankful!  Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) at low tide I went for a walk – and it was BEAUTIFUL – partly sunny – but still VERY windy!  You would never know it was windy from these first pictures.               Here is a video from this morning (Sunday, September 10th) around 9:45 am. And here are pictures from high tide – around 11:30 am, Sunday:             This is the most incredible graphic – showing Abaco between 2 MAJOR Hurricanes!….Irma & Jose: I will end with some pictures from my walk on the beach Saturday afternoon at low tide:     This link takes you to a very interesting article/video that was published by the Washington Post about the water being sucked away from Long Island in the Bahamas.  What a powerful storm Irma is!

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A BEAUTIFUL (but windy) pink sky morning - around 6 am Saturday, September 9th.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma at Casuarina Point, Abaco

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