Schooner Bay – A Planned Community

On Great Abaco Island, where the land narrows between the open Atlantic and the Little Bahama Bank, is a unique place called Schooner Bay. Schooner Bay can be reduced to a single word: sustainability. Places that are truly sustainable have boundless longevity. Ideally located at the gateway to pristine South Abaco, Schooner Bay is 28 miles south of the Marsh Harbour international airport and a million miles for the rat race. It is an authentic Bahamian harbour village, a place where quaint shops line the waterfront, tidy cottages peak through the landscape and the traditional Out Island experience is available.

Schooner Bay - a GORGEOUS property! - with many acres of natural beauty to explore!
Schooner Bay – a GORGEOUS property! – with many acres of natural beauty to explore!

A walkable community in a spectacular island seaside setting. Near enough to airports and town services but sheltered by miles of un-spoiled beaches and tropical parks with protected birds and adjacent to marine life.

Schooner Bay is inspired by the architectural and cultural history of the Bahamas and guided by the design of New Urban-ism. It will be the first planned and open community designed to attract families to live, work and play in a setting that incorporates the best of our past and the hopes of our future.

Offering the only opportunity for a harbor on the Atlantic coast of the island for twenty miles in either direction. The harbour function as the center of the community, and will be surrounded by shops, restaurants and other mixed-use buildings generating a civic and commercial vitality. The area offers significant space for community gathering, with a continuous promenade curving along the edge of the water, as well a central plaza overlooking the harbour island

Service and retail oriented businesses, including a clinic, post office, police station, hardware store, liquor store, a variety of small unique boutique shoppes, restaurants, bakery, grocery, and Farmer’s Market.

Introducing the first authentic Bahamian town to be built in over a century. Abaco real estate …Bahamas at it’s best!

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