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After Dorian – Medical Care

Dr. Charite will have an office in Marsh Harbour soon.

As you see in this next picture, Dr. McIntosh is opening an office in Nassau.  I hope she will come back when she can have an office in Marsh Harbour again.

The information below is pre-Hurricane Dorian.  I will update as soon as I can and as things change.

I recently had personal experience with 2 Doctors in Marsh Harbour who are on call at all times, and I am happy to share their information here so you can also benefit from their care if needed.

IMG_0170Dr. Latesha McIntosh:  Office:  (242) 367-9999;  Emergency (Cell):  (242) 577-9999

Dr. Latesha McIntosh is an Emergency Medical Specialist.  In February 2012, she opened an office, Abaco Medi Centre, in Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive.   The location is marked on the green map that I send in package with your key.  She is originally from Abaco and chose to return to raise her family here while providing much needed Emergency Medical Care for the island.   In June 2013, I had an accident at Casuarina Point that required emergency attention.  I called her at 8 pm on a Saturday night.  She answered her cell phone and met us at her office.  She gave me a tetanus shot and 8 stitches, and I was back home around 9:15 pm!  You can’t beat that service!   Our daughter-in-law, who is a physician, accompanied me to her office, and after the visit she told me how happy she was that we have Dr. McIntosh in Abaco, and hoped that we would continue to choose her for any urgent care needs.  I think that is a good endorsement.

Integrated Medical Centre - Dr. George Charite
Integrated Medical Centre – Dr. George Charite

A week later, when it was time for my stitches to be removed, Dr. McIntosh was away from the island, and Dr. George Charite, Medical Director of Integrated Medical Centre in Marsh Harbour, was taking Dr. McIntosh’s calls.  Dr. Charite removed my stitches and we had a nice conversation about his practice in Abaco.  He told me that he is also on call 24/7 and will meet you for an emergency.  His office is located on the side of Dove Plaza – a two story office building on Don Mckay Blvd.  His phone numbers are:  Office:  (242) 367-1304; and Emergencies (Cell):  (242) 458-1234.

Look for the complete list of Abaco doctors here:  Medical Service Providers.

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  1. We have been visiting the Abacos for three weeks when my husband developed a high fever. We went to Dr. McIntosh and received excellent, professional service, including compassionate bedside care. We would highly recommend her office for regular and urgent care with no appointment necessary.

  2. My famil v isited Marsh Hrbour about tirty years ago.We stayed in the house on Dr. Gottlieb’s property. It ws our our best vacation ever. There was one grocery store, a marina and the bst grill/bakery in te wold. We went every day. There was one traffic
    light…mostly for directions. The peoole were wonderfl. We loved the church. We are praying.

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