Spear Fishing

Daniel's BIG Grouper!
Daniel’s BIG Grouper!

My children and many of our guests LOVE Spear Fishing on the reefs in front of our houses at Casuarina Point.  In your ‘Welcome Package’ that I mail, you will find a hand drawn map so you will know where to look for the reefs.

Hawaiian Slings are the only legal spears you can use in the Bahamas, and we have at least one setup at each house for you to use.  Please ask me where to find them at the houses.

In the picture on the left you see our middle son, Daniel, with a HUGE Black Grouper he speared on the reef out front at Casuarina Point.  It is the largest fish he has speared there to date and was a fun experience and funny story.  Daniel and Stephen (our youngest son) were out on the reef spearing.   Daniel shot this BIG grouper and the fish swam away with the spear in it.  It wedged Daniel, Savannah, Alton, Becky, Susan, Roger 092itself under the reef  and was stuck!  It ended up taking both Stephen and Daniel to get the fish out.  Stephen pushed from one side (pushing the fish in the face) while Daniel pulled from the other side – and FINALLY the fish came out.  All this was done ‘free diving’ – so it took several tries before they were successful.  You can see by the look on Daniel’s face that he was excited about this fish – and he was NOT going to leave it stuck under the reef!

It is not legal to use air while spearing – so no scuba tanks allowed – all free diving.  Here are some other pictures of fish speared at Casuarina Point.

If you wonder why we are wearing scuba skins in many of the pictures – it is because we are fair skinned and we are wearing them for sun protection – so we can stay out for a LONG TIME!

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DSCN8120The picture to your left is a pretty large Lion Fish that Daniel speared.  He is holding it by the tail because the ‘spines’ are very poisonous and touching them is VERY painful!  Lion Fish are not indigenous to the Bahamas.  Some people believe that they were first introduced to the Caribbean when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida and they escaped from fish tanks.  They multiply rapidly and they live off the baby fish on the reefs, so the are NOT WANTED!  Lion Fish Derbies are held regularly to try to control and eradicate the population – so if you see one – kill it – but use gloves to touch it – or just leave it in the water dead.  You can eat Lion Fish, and they are tasty, but you have to be careful when you clean them.   You probably have seen them in aquariums.  They are beautiful to see, but please don’t touch!

These last two pictures are from the Atlantic side of Scotland Cay, when we were on an outing with a friend.

Grouper & Hog Fish
Grouper & Hog Fish

Hog fish is also known as Hog Snapper – and it is a local favorite!

Speared of Scotland Cay on the way to lunch at Nippers.
Speared off Scotland Cay on the way to lunch at Nippers.


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