JR & Charles Albury Excursions from Casuarina Point

JR Albury & his son, Charles Whitman Albury, are Casuarina Point neighbors with many skills to help you have a unique and exciting vacation in Abaco!  JR grew up in the community of Cherokee Sound  and raise Charles at Casuarina Point – so they know everything about the area and can add so much to your visit!  JR has quite a following as a bone fishing guide, but that is just a part of what he offers.  Charles does commercial fishing and often has fresh fish or lobster to sell.   He is also available to take you deep sea fishing, reef fishing, or snorkeling.  Here is a picture of JR & Charles with a fish they caught out from Casuarina Point in January 2017.  It’s a NICE fish!

Charles & JR with a 50# Wahoo!
JR & Charles with a 50# Wahoo!

If you are interested in SPEAR FISHING – that is an option, too!…the rates are the same as for Bonefishing.

If you are interested in WILD BOAR HUNTING (!) – that can be an EXCITING activity to add to your vacation!  The charge for Wild Boar Hunting is $400 for up to 3 people. (Pictures in the last slide show below)

Here is a slide show of pictures from some of their fishing trips:

Conching and family fun:

As promised above…some pictures of Wild Boar Hunting Excursions:

Contact JR:  (242) 475-1892    Email:  info@JRsBonefishAbaco.com

Contact Charles:  (242) 805-7387

Web site:  http://jrsbonefishabaco.com/