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First Anniversary Fishing Trip

We’ve been back in Nashville for only 3 days and already our trip to Abaco seems like a fairy tale dream. I feel like I stepped through the closet in the Chronicles of Narnia to enter a magical universe and now I’m back wondering whether or not it really all happened. I’ve been going to Casurina Point for 18 years and I keep finding new ways to enjoy the area. This time Marianna and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in the same place where we got married. First of all, we fished… a lot! Mostly we spearfished, which to me is the most entertaining type of fishing. It’s more like hunting, except it’s way more fast paced and interactive than any other type of hunting I’ve experienced, and the reward is delicious. Pictured on the left is a 35 pound cubera snapper that I speared on the reef out by the two little islands you see to the right from the balcony of Abaco Palms.   Marianna and I were checking out a reef right off of the island.  I dove down with Hawaiian sling in hand, spotted him in a hole, and popped him right in the […]

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We are from the Fort Worth, Texas area, and this is our third year here.  If you have not been here, it is amazing.  Whether you like fishing, cruising on a boat, snorkeling, seeing huge starfish, walking on a white sand beach, great sunsets, or just relaxing on the beach, this is the place to be. This is our third year to be in the Abaco Palms house, and it is still just as great as the first trip.  The most unique part of this rental package is the 16′ skiff.  That was taken our first day here of the trip.  The boat is extremely convenient to my family since we love to fish.  We take the boat to nearby reefs and blue holes to catch fish to make a meal.  Be sure to leave on a rising tide.  If you stay out too late, you will have to get out and walk the boat over a couple shallow spots when the tide is receding.   We buy fishing poles that will break down into smaller sections, reels and a filet knife in the states, then pack them in our check on bags. These are lane snapper that were caught at the […]

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Great Grouper on our Last Day!

Our last day in Abaco and we topped it off with a tasty grouper. At about 7 or 8 pounds this black grouper is about perfect for a couple of tasty filets. Miss Marianna Jewell and myself hopped into the boat at approximately 10:15 AM and headed out into the brilliant calm waters inside Cherokee Sound. In 5 minutes we hit our first reef (intentionally, as in not with the motor), and it was on.  We spotted a sea turtle and a giant ray right off the boat.  Marianna speared a quick Pompano and we moved on to another spot.  Another 5 minutes in the boat and we hit a giant reef.  Even the small fish are big on this one and there are large Schoolmasters by the dozen (these are a member of the Snapper family and delicious).  15 minutes of scoping out the area and as I swim over the reef I spot this juicy grouper minding his own business.  With a quick shot off the Hawaiian sling to the gut this baby was mine.  Speared a few more reef fish and was out of the water by Noon.  Looks like we are having dinner tonight! Here is […]

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Welcome to the Abaco Palms Properties Blog!

Greetings from Casuarina Point in Abaco, Bahamas. For those of you who are not already aware, Abaco Palms Properties currently consists of two luxury homes located on Casuarina Point on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas. It is a family run operation which began 20 years ago when my father Gary was invited on a fishing trip and was introduced to the community of Casuarina Point. At the time, the only option was a pothole-filled, hour-long trek down a dirt road from Marsh Harbour to make it the 16 miles to Casuarina Point from the airport. On arriving, my dad took one look at the sand flats outside of the rented fishing cottage and he knew he had found a special place. By the time he left, he had negotiated a deal with a local resident to buy the property that the original Abaco Palms house currently sits on, and made the promise to bring my mother and there three sons to experience the wonders of Casuarina. Two years later we made our first family trip to Casuarina, staying with Rex and Judy Albury, and we knew that this was going to become our family hideaway. By then, there […]

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