Medical & Emergency Services

The availability of Medical care in Abaco has improved so much since we first started visiting.  It is important to know who you should call if you DO have an emergency, so I want to provide the names and numbers here.

I know of 2 good doctors in Marsh Harbour who take call for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so I will call them my ‘Urgent Care’ doctors.

Click here for a complete list of Medical Service Providers.

The Government Clinics are also available for emergencies, but I can personally recommend the 2 private doctors listed under Urgent Care, so I would try them first.

If you needed an Ambulance – it is good to have the phone number handy: 242-367-2911 or 242-359-6282

AAS Life Flight (Air Ambulance):  242-377-1606 or 242-323-2186

Abaco Pharmacies

Abaco Dentists

I DO NOT expect you to need the Police, Fire Departments, or Sea Rescue, but click here for their numbers.

If you have a problem with one of the Utility Companies, here are the numbers to call them.  I would suggest that you call our care takers to let them know what is going on first, and they will help you, too.

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