Pete’s Pub at Little Harbour

Pete’s Pub is an Abaco landmark and a MUST VISIT!   Pete’s is an open air restaurant and bar with a sand floor.   The scenery is beautiful and the food is great!  They always have fresh fish on the menu – usually served with the local dish ‘Peas n Rice’ and their heavenly Pineapple Walnut Cole Slaw.  Take pictures of the sun setting over the harbour and take the ‘walk-over’ to see the wild Atlantic.   You can friend them on Facebook:  ‘Pete’s Pub & Gallery’ or check out their website:  Call and let them know you are coming:  242-577-5487 – and check to be sure of their current hours.  I try to update this every time they post, but it is always best to check with them directly.

May 28, 2024  post from Pete’s.  Yay they are open everyday now…

View of Little Harbour from Pete’s Pub
Pete's Pub & Gallery on Little Harbour
Pete’s Pub & Gallery on Little Harbour

Pete's Pub at Little Harbour

Little Harbour at Sunset
A beautiful Little Harbour Sunset
The Walkover at Sunrise




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