Grocery Stores in Abaco

There are 3 main grocery store in Marsh Harbour to choose from and one Convenience Store (with much longer hours).  The largest and best grocery store is Maxwell’s, on Power Line Road.  You can find it on the marked map I send in your ‘Welcome Package’ with the keys.

(For stores that are open AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and on HOLIDAYS click here: Shopping AFTER HOURS/HOLIDAYS)

This is Maxwell’s:

Maxwell's Grocery Store in Marsh Harbour
Maxwell’s Grocery Store in Marsh Harbour


Maxwell’s is very much like any large US grocery store – with a large selection to choose from.  The ship usually arrives on Monday, so by Wednesday afternoon the shelves are most completely stocked.  Maxwell’s Hours are: Mon-Thurs: 8am-7pm; Fri/Sat: 8-8; Sun: 8am-5pm.    They have shorter hours (and sometimes are closed all day) on Bahamian Holidays, so you should call them to inquire:  (242) 367-2601.  See sample prices at the end of this page.   PLEASE NOTE:  Maxwell’s does NOT accept American Express.  I have also been to Maxwell’s more than once when they had a sign on the door saying their credit card system was down, so it was cash only that day.

Abaco Groceries

Abaco Groceries is another good choice.  They originally had bulk packaging and still have some of that, but they have smaller sizes now, too, and they have locally grown fresh produce when possible.  They are located just north of the airport roundabout, so they are slightly closer to Casuarina Point.  Their hours are:  Monday – Saturday: 7:30am – 6pm Sundays: 9-4.  Hours are subject to change so you can call them to inquire: (242) 367-0278.

Price Right
The third best choice is Price Right.  Price Right is owned by Maxwell’s and has the same store hours.  They have a lot of bulk packaging, so they are not usually the best place for vacationers to shop.  Look form them on the marked map I send in your ‘Welcome Package.’  Price Right’s phone number:  (242) 367-7283.
Roderick’s Convenience Store! – open EVERY DAY

 Roderick’s Convenience Store is open from 7 am to 11 pm EVERY DAY – ALL YEAR!  Their phone number is:  242-367-3237.


Some groceries are quite a bit more expensive in Abaco than in the US, because most are imported from the US.  To give you an idea of pricing, here are some sample prices from Maxwell’s in August 2017:

* Dozen Large Eggs:  $1.58
* 1/2 Pound Kerry Gold Butter:  $2.20
*  8 oz. Cream Cheese;  $2.59
* 18 oz. Blackberry Jam – Smuckers:  $5.89
* Ground Chuck – hamburger meat:  $4.99/pound
* Fresh, local (Big Bird!) Chicken Leg Quarters:  $2.49/lb
*  Cook’s Ham:  $2.32/lb.
*  1/2 Gal. 2% Milk:  $2.19
* Organic Valley 2% milk – 64 oz.:  $6.22
* General Mills Raisen Nut Bran Cereal, 17.1 oz.:  $6.05
*  Fresh Limes:  28 cents each
*  Local Avocado – Large:  $3.35
*  Yellow Onions:  $1.07/lb.
*  8 pack Hot Dog Buns:  $2.40
*  Ball Park Franks (package of 8):  $5.19
*  32 oz. PompeianExtra Virgin Olive Oil:  $12.99
*  9 oz. Nabisco Ritz Chips – Original:  $6.00
*  28.2 oz. Digiorno 4 Cheese Pizza (frozen):  $12.99
*  Newman’s Own Honey Mustard Salad Dressing:  $6.49
*  15 oz. can – Dark Red Kidney Beans:  $1.59
*  15 oz. can – Black Beans:  $1.99
*  20 oz. can – Pineapple Chunks:  $2.89
*  16 oz. Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon/Raisen Bread:  $4.99
* Broccoli Crowns:  $2.51/pound
* Nestles Pure Life Bottled Water, case of 28:  $11.99
* Head of cabbage:  $0.88/pound
* Sweet orange or yellow peppers:  $5.85/pound
* Kraft Pourables Ranch Bacon Dressing:  $4.99
* Essentials Old Fashioned Oats – 18 oz.: $2.19
* Quaker Grits, White – 1.5 lb.: $2.51
* F&V Lettuce Romaine Hearts – 3 count:  $4.74
* F&V Fresh Mushrooms – 12 oz.: $3.99
* F&V Green Beans – 12 oz.: $4.55
* F&V Potato Gold Yukon – 5 lbs.: $6.00
* Planters Cocktail Peanuts – 16 oz.: $7.09
* Nabisco Ritz Chips Original – 8.1 oz.: $6.00
* Essentials Pepper Jack Chunk Cheese – 8 oz.: $3.79
* Essentials Colby Jack Chunk Cheese – 8 oz.: $$3.79
* Essentials Pasta Sauce – 24 oz.: $3.19
* Tostitos Chunky Salsa – 16 oz.:  $5.39
* Frozen Pork Chops Center Cut:  $4.59/lb.
* Folger’s Black Silk Coffee – 10.3 oz.:  $6.79
* Super Chill Diet Tonic – 1 liter:  $1.59
* Betty Crocker Butter Yellow Cake Mix:  $3.79
VAT (Value Added Tax) of 7.5% will be added to your total bill.  (Since January 1, 2015)
Believe it or not…these prices on average are lower than they were when I did this in 2015!

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