Fishing at Casuarina Point

There are many GREAT fishing options in our neighborhood.  We are known for the great bone fishing!  Check out this video that was created by a Kokomo guest in May 2018:

Bone Fishing is right outside your door!  We have great flats down the beach and bone fish swim right in front of the houses.

Deep Sea Fishing is right out front.  Casuarina Point is on shallow water protected by 3 levels of reef, but the DEEP Atlantic is just past Duck Cay – about a mile from the house.  We have 3 local options for deep sea fishing right from our neighborhood.

Reef & Bottom Fishing is right out front, too.  There are many reef areas in the shallow waters right out front.  You can take the skiff and fish from the boat.

Spear Fishing on our reefs is fun, too.  We have Hawaiian Slings at each of the houses if you want to give it a try.

Fishing in the Canal at Casuarina Point is another fun fishing option.

Check out this Miscellaneous Fun Fishing link.  Fly fishing from a paddleboard!  Impressive!

Beach Fishing is popular at Casuarina Point, too.

Many of our guests have had good luck fishing in the channel – especially when the tide is changing.

You can buy squid to use for bait at Maxwell’s grocery store – in the frozen seafood section.

Click here to find where to buy or rent Fishing & Snorkeling Gear.

For some information on Fishing Regulations in the Bahamas – click on the PINK.  See example below:  Nassau Grouper Season is closed December 1st to February 28th.

Nassau Grouper Season closed until Feb 28, 2014

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