Mama D’s – Beach Bar & Restaurant at Crossing Rocks

Mama D’s – On the beach at Crossing Rocks

A new, fun restaurant option in South Abaco is open in Crossing Rocks.  Mama D’s is a true Bahamian Beach Bar/Restaurant.  Right now they are open every evening with longer hours on the weekend.  I will update this with a schedule when I have it.

Call before you go to be sure they are cooking.  Diane (the cook):  1-242-807-4006, and Shevon (the Bartender):  1-242-455-2162, are the owners.  It is best to call them on What’s App.

Diane and Shevon – the owners of Mama D’s
Our yummy dinner: Fish & Chicken wings, with a great salad and skinny french fries.

This is the menu from the Tuesday night that we were there:

They have longer hours on the weekends and a more extensive menu.  The beach is BEAUTIFUL, and Crossing Rocks’ beach is known for its Sea Glass – so you might enjoying a treasure hunt at low tide.

Cocktails or dining on the beach at Crossing Rocks. A BEAUTIFUL spot!

They have everything you want at the bar.

We are SO HAPPY to have a new restaurant and gathering place in South Abaco!