Bakeries in Abaco – Post Dorian

Bakeries, Sweets, and Birthday Cakes!

This page originally listed 3 establishments in Marsh Harbour, and I am not going to delete them, because we hope they will reopen some day, but while they are rebuilding you still have some great options for homemade bread, etc.

We have been buying our bakery items from Elizabeth Bain in Crossing Rocks.   Ms.Elizabeth’s  Bakery-AKA:   Sweets  by  Liz – 242-802-9799.

You can call her to order, and she will be adding to this list of offerings:

Fresh Baked BREAD:  White – $3.50;  Raisin – $4.00

Dinner Rolls:  White (1 dozen) – $3.50;  Raisin (1 dozen) $4.00

Cake slices (generous size):

Pineapple Upside Down – $3.00

Chocolate – $2.00


Chocolate Chip (2)  – $1.50

Oatmeal (2) – $1.50

Pastries:  Twist – $2.00

How to find Elizabeth’s Bakery:  Turn left into the community of Crossing Rocks (about 5 miles south of Schooner Bay).  Take your first left, sharp curve right and just after the NEXT curve you will see the small tan building with white trim on the right.  The Bakery is close to the road and inside a fence, with a home set farther back on the lot.

Sweets by Liz – Bakery in Crossing Rocks

If you need some basic grocery items while you are at Crossing Rocks, there is a very small grocery store: PNS Grocery – just to the right of this bakery, so just before you reach the bakery on your right:

PNS Grocery at Crossing Rocks


This section below is what was available BEFORE Hurricane Dorian.  I will update as these businesses reopen. 

There are 2 great bakeries, and a GREAT option for special desserts and birthday cakes in Marsh Harbour.  The 2 bakeries are on the main road from the airport (Don MacKay Blvd.).  Driving north (from the airport) you will see Island Bakery first – on your right.  We usually buy our bread from Island Bakery.

The other good bakery in Marsh Harbour is ‘Da Bes Yet’ Bakery.  It is on the left before the traffic light.  Their Coconut Bread has swirls of coconut in it, and probably is my favorite coconut bread of the two bakeries. The most recent coconut bread I had from there did NOT have the swirls, so I am not sure if that is true anymore.  🙁   You can call ahead to see what they have (and ask them to hold something for you):  (242) 367-3616

For Special Desserts and Birthday Cakes – contact ‘Sweets By Meeks!’  Her cakes are beautiful and delicious – and one of her very yummy specialties is Red Velvet Cheesecake!

Click on the PINK links to read more about each option.

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