Bakeries in Abaco – Post Dorian

Bakeries, Sweets, and Birthday Cakes

OK – I have delayed updating this page because it is hard to describe the location of our new bakery, but I know many of you LOVE to have the delicious bakery bread, etc. that we associate with Abaco!

Bahamas Tastiest Bakery is a little out of the way – but worth the effort!

Bahamas Tastiest Bakery: 1-242-807-6318

Directions to Bahamas Tastiest Bakery:  Coming from the airport roundabout toward Marsh Harbour, turn left at the K&S Gas Station intersection (the first gas station, which is on the left as you come from the airport).  Go straight over the hill and when you get to the tiny roundabout at Dundas Town stay straight.  You will pass the high school on the right.  This is a picture of the high school.

This 2 story building on the right is the high school…

When you see these buildings on the right, make the next right turn, just past the green building.  The blue building is closer to the road so blocks the view of the green building until you get close to it.  Turn just after the green building…

Just past this blue and then green building on the right – turn right…

I hesitate to describe buildings by color, because they can be painted, and I think this blue building MIGHT be moveable?…kind of like a food truck?   Anyway, if you turn right just past this green building, you will see a small shopping center on the left, and the bakery is the first store in the shopping center.

This is a close up of the intersection where you turn right…
Here you see the bakery on the bottom left of this building…

I asked for a menu to take a picture, but the only menu they had was taped to the door.  These are the best pictures I could get.  I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures…

Hope you can find our wonderful bakery with these directions!   Their email address from the menu:


This section below is what was available BEFORE Hurricane Dorian.  I will update as these businesses reopen. 

There are 2 great bakeries, and a GREAT option for special desserts and birthday cakes in Marsh Harbour.  The 2 bakeries are on the main road from the airport (Don MacKay Blvd.).  Driving north (from the airport) you will see Island Bakery first – on your right.  We usually buy our bread from Island Bakery.

The other good bakery in Marsh Harbour is ‘Da Bes Yet’ Bakery.  It is on the left before the traffic light.  Their Coconut Bread has swirls of coconut in it, and probably is my favorite coconut bread of the two bakeries. The most recent coconut bread I had from there did NOT have the swirls, so I am not sure if that is true anymore.  🙁   You can call ahead to see what they have (and ask them to hold something for you):  (242) 367-3616

For Special Desserts and Birthday Cakes – contact ‘Sweets By Meeks!’  Her cakes are beautiful and delicious – and one of her very yummy specialties is Red Velvet Cheesecake!

Click on the PINK links to read more about each option.

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