SPA Services at Casuarina Point

Lounette is a GREAT Massage Therapist – highly recommended!

If Lounette is not available there are other options, so contact me.

4 thoughts on “SPA Services at Casuarina Point”

  1. Hi,
    My wife and I will be on the island in June and we would both be interested in a massage. We are both runners and would love a deep tissue massage. Would you please share your rates and how we can make a booking. We have rented a house down in Bahama shores and would enjoy a massage on the deck or beach.

    1. Hi – You have reached Kathy Heacock on my Abaco Palms rental properties page. I do not book massages; I just help advertise Celisha. You would have to contact her directly. Have a great trip!

    1. Hi Kim –
      You have reached the Kathy Heacock – the owner of 4 properties at Casuarina Point. I share information on my site, but I do not handle bookings of the services. You have to contact the person directly. Have a great trip!

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