Liquor Stores in Marsh Harbour

There are three main liquor stores that we use in Marsh Harbour.

(For stores that are open AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and on HOLIDAYS click here: Shopping AFTER HOURS/HOLIDAYS)

Bristol Cellars
Bristol Cellars

Bristol Cellars is on Queen Elizabeth Drive.  When you drive to Marsh Harbour from the airport or Casuarina Point, you stay on the main road into town, Don Mckay Blvd.  Drive all the way to the ONE functioning traffic light (There is a light at the K&S Gas Station corner, but it is not operating.) and turn right on Queen Elizabeth Drive.  Bristol Cellars is about a block down on the left.  Their hours are: Mon – Fri. 9 am to 6 pm;  Sat: 9 am to 4 pm – and they are closed Sundays.  Their phone number:  (242) 367-2180

A & K Liquors
700 Wines & Spirits (formerly: A & K Liquors)

If you continue past Bristol Cellars on Queen Elizabeth Drive you will see a shopping cinter on your rights with  700 Wines & Spirits (formerly: A & K Liquors).  They are the Kalik (a Bahamian Beer) distributor, and the Kalik is a little less expensive there.   Beer in general is expensive in the Bahamas – even the Bahamian Beer brands – Kalik and Sands.  Other liquor is less expensive in the Bahamas – at least compared to the prices in Alabama where we live.  I am sure it depends on your state’s tax on liquor.  700 Wines & Spirits is also closed on Sundays – leaving you the smaller stores: Borderline and Wildav open on Sundays.

Jimmy’s Wine & Spirits  has a nice selection of wines.  It is also the Sands Beer distributor and part of the company that actually manufactures Sands Beer.  Jimmy’s is on Front Street on the right – across from Mangoes Restaurant.   Hours are 9 am to 6 pm – Mondays through Saturdays.   (242) 367-2936.

Jimmy's Wine and Spirits
Jimmy’s Wine and Spirits

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