Seafood – Where to Buy Fresh Seafood in Abaco

Many people ask me where to buy fresh fish, lobster, and conch, so I consider this another category of shopping in Abaco.   If you do not catch all the fish you need while visiting Abaco, there are several sources where you can purchase seafood.

A new seafood store is open in Marsh Harbour.  It is located on the corner of our ONLY traffic light.  Commonwealth Bank is also on that intersection – right across the street from A&A Seafood.

The phone number for A&A Seafood:  1-242-699-3158

Another great option for fresh fish is to contact some of the local fishermen directly.   You can call to see what they have and arrange delivery or pick up.

*  Charles Albury lives at Casuarina Point and often has fresh fish to sell, and he MIGHT have some lobster for sale.  He is also available to take you deep sea or reef fishing.  His phone number:  (242) 805-7387.    Here is a picture of Charles and his Dad, JR, with a fish they caught out from Casuarina Point in January 2017.  It’s a NICE fish!

Charles & JR with a 50# Wahoo!
Charles & JR with a 50# Wahoo!

When Charles is fishing off shore, he might not have cell service.  You can also call JR: (242) 475-1892, or Charles’ fishing partner, David Rees.  (see below)

* Another young man in our neighborhood of Casuarina Point is Walker Wong – pictured below.  This was posted by his Dad, Shannon Wong.  If you don’t reach Walker, you can also try calling Shannon at 1-242-577-2930.  Walker’s phone is also area code 242, so 1-242-458-7580.

Bronson Russell lives in Marsh Harbour, and is a very successful fisherman – so another GREAT source for fresh fish!  (242) 577-5616

*  David Rees lives in Bahama Palm Shores, just south of Casuarina Point, so he is a good one to try.  He and Charles Albury often fish together.  His phone number is (242) 458-6260 and his email is   David usually makes sushi one day a week, so you might inquire about that, too.

Donald Pinder of Sandy Point
Donald Pinder of Sandy Point

*  Donald Pinder, of Sandy Point, is a local fisherman who will sell directly to the public.  Call him before you go: (242) 366-4088.  We recently (February 2015) met Donald and his wife, Estelle, when they were cleaning their fresh catch at their dock in Sandy Point.  The snapper was $4/pound whole, and then he filleted it for us.  Estelle used to be the nurse for Sandy Point, but now she helps her husband with his fishing business – a charming couple.  To find them at the dock, you drive all the way into Sandy Point, and turn right on the first street AFTER West Bay Street.  The dock is at the end of the street.


Links Adderley with a boat load of Lobster!
Links Adderley with a boat load of fresh Lobster!

Sandy Point is again the place to go if you are wishing for fresh lobster.  (The locals call them crawfish!)  Before you leave ‘home,’ call Links Adderley to make sure he is fishing and will have some for you. If you want some conch, let him know, and he will have those ready for you, too.  He can tell you where to find him, OR you can ask him if he can leave it for you at his brother, Leslie’s restaurant: Nancy’s Seaside Restaurant, in Sandy Point.  If you drive to Sandy Point, lunch or dinner at Nancy’s is a great plan.   We are always VERY pleased with our purchases from Links and so happy to know him.  You can reach him at: 242-375-9242.

They are very nice!  Please tell them Kathy recommended them.  🙂

Lobster season is closed starting April 1st, and it is open again on August 1st.

It is a pretty long drive to Sandy Point – so take your cooler for the fish/lobster/conch and plan to enjoy Sandy Point before returning to Casuarina.  Please check out  ‘Visit Sandy Point’ under ‘Things to Do in Abaco’ for ideas of how to make the most of your trip south.*

If you want fresh Conch Salad, stop by to see Javonne Ingraham, ‘The Conch King’, at his stand next to Colors Bahamian Restaurant & Bar, on the harbour in Marsh Harbour. The hours are the same as for the restaurant, and you can order to go, OR enjoy your meal at the restaurant/bar on the dock over the water, with a great view of the harbour.


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