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Debbie Burrows

Debbie Burrows is a wonderful cook who lives in Crossing Rock (15 miles south of Casuarina Point), and she is available to cook for you.  (See her Menu below)  She will prepare food at her home and deliver it, OR if you like, she will come and cook for you at the house and clean up afterward.  You can email her and tell her what you are hoping for, and for how many people, and she will give you a price.  I find her prices to be very reasonable.  Her email is: RDBCatering@gmail.com, and she checks email at least twice a day.  Her Abaco Cell is:  (242) 458-4582.  It is expensive for her when you call her Abaco cell, so communicate by email when possible, and when you need to call, keep the calls short.She prepared dinner for a party of 4 last night:

Debbie's Conch Fritters - YUM!
Debbie’s Conch Fritters – YUM!
Stuffed Lobster Dinner for 4 - With Rumblie Thum and Coleslaw
Stuffed Lobster Dinner for 4 – With Rumblie Thum and Coleslaw

Key Lime Pie for dessert was tart and DELICIOUS!  Sorry I didn’t get a picture!  You might be wondering about Rumblie Thum!  It is a delicious version of garlic mashed potatoes!

Well, Debbie did it again!  She prepared a FABULOUS dinner for us (and our 4 guests – a total of 6) at Camp David last night.  (February 5, 2016)  I can NOT say enough good things about Debbie and her cooking.  She is a very sweet person who wants to please and she made our evening SO special and easy.  We could just relax and visit while she prepared our fresh dinner of AMAZING Conch Fritters (appetizer), DELICIOUS Conch Chowder, Fish Fingers, a HEAVENLY Cole Slaw – with a wonderful, tart Key Lime Pie for dessert!  I am sure Debbie’s other desserts are great, too, but her Key Lime Pie is SO good – I had to have it again!….and again I was too ready to taste it to remember to take a picture – sorry!

Here are pictures of our other dishes:

Conch Fritters - hot from the fryer! - with Dipping Sauce
Conch Fritters – hot from the fryer! – with Dipping Sauce
FIsh Fingers with Lime
Fish Fingers with Lime
Fish Fingers, Cole Slaw, and a 'family size' bowl of Conch Chowder!
Fish Fingers, Cole Slaw, and a ‘family size’ bowl of Conch Chowder!
Time to eat! Delish!!!
Time to eat! Delish!!!

Here is a menu of items she is happy to prepare for you.  If you have something else in mind – email her.  She is very accommodating!…..as sweet a person as you will ever meet!

Debbie's Menu0001

Birthday cakes start at $25.

Debbie at The Bridge House - Schooner Bay
Debbie at The Bridge House – Schooner Bay


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  1. Hello Carol. I passed on your message to Debbie and I hope she will respond. I have the rental houses and don’t manage the catering. Have a great time! Kathy

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