View from Camp David this afternoon...

Hurricane Maria – All is calm….

Hurricane Maria – All is calm in Abaco.  It is Sunday afternoon, September 24th, and Hurricane Maria is now north of Abaco, and we are hoping for a sharp turn to the east – away from the US coast.   The breeze is still gusty.  Windfinder says sustained winds of 17 mph with gusts to 21 mph, but the wind is from the northwest, so it seems less on our beach.  I wanted to write a quick update because we are still receiving emails from concerned friends.  Thank you! This is a video of our beach today: And I will close with my 2 favorite treasures from the last few days:

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West view from the deck of Camp David

After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point, Abaco, Bahamas

After Hurricane Irma – at Casuarina Point Good morning from Camp David!  It is a gorgeous day! We are back in business.  As you can see 2 of our boats are in the water, because we had guests arrive at two houses yesterday.  It is great fishing weather and also perfect for hanging out on the beach.  We are so thankful! On Monday afternoon the breeze was back to normal, and I went on one more treasure hunt on the beach.  My main objective was to save any conch or anything else alive that was stranded by the winds and high tides.  I did find several that I put back in the water, and I hope they all lived! I found 3 HUGE conch shells – still alive – and HOPE they lived!  They were hard to get back in the water, because they are surprisingly heavy! In the short video above, I was hoping to capture some movement, but didn’t get much.  It is a good, up close picture of the animal though. I found several live queen conch, of various sizes, stranded by the seaweed and tides, too. This video shows the larger conch moving: Some other interesting […]

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Saturday afternoon, September 9th.  20+ mph winds - but you would never know it from these pictures.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful.

Update: Hurricane Irma in Abaco – Sunday morning

Hello from Casuarina Point, Abaco.  (If you do not see the full blog – click on the picture.)  This is our 3rd day of 25 – 30 mph winds (Sunday morning) and rough seas, and we continue to be very thankful!  Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) at low tide I went for a walk – and it was BEAUTIFUL – partly sunny – but still VERY windy!  You would never know it was windy from these first pictures.               Here is a video from this morning (Sunday, September 10th) around 9:45 am. And here are pictures from high tide – around 11:30 am, Sunday:             This is the most incredible graphic – showing Abaco between 2 MAJOR Hurricanes!….Irma & Jose: I will end with some pictures from my walk on the beach Saturday afternoon at low tide:     This link takes you to a very interesting article/video that was published by the Washington Post about the water being sucked away from Long Island in the Bahamas.  What a powerful storm Irma is!

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A BEAUTIFUL (but windy) pink sky morning - around 6 am Saturday, September 9th.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma at Casuarina Point, Abaco

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No problems at Camp David!   We will be putting the deck furniture and beach toys out in the next few days to be ready for guests!

After Hurricane Matthew – Counting Our Blessings!

Thank you to our many friends who inquired about our safety and our houses!  Abaco was spared the hurricane force of Matthew, and the tropical storm winds did minimal damage.  Here are some pictures that show just how lucky we were! We are THANKFUL!

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Postcards from the Bahamas

The weather has been less than perfect during our stay at Abaco Palms on Abaco Island in the Bahamas but when the wind lays down enough to get out and do some fishing we have had some very nice days. I have had a chance to give the new Winston BIII Plus Saltwater Rod a work out and it’s been fantastic. I love the metal reel seat, ultra slick guides and fast action with “Winston feel”. This is one of the best saltwater specific rods available today without a doubt. The new Airflo Bonefish/Redfish “Super Dri” line has been solid as well. It floats considerably better than the Airflo Ridge Bonefish/Redfish. This entry was posted in Fly Fishing Gear Review, Fly Fishing Travel.

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Parrot landing - wings up

Abaco Parrots at Casuarina Point

During our recent visit to Casuarina Point (September/early October 2015) Abaco Parrots were in our neighborhood everyday. We would hear them squawking loudly as they flew from tree to tree at feeding time – early mornings & late afternoons. We had just planted 3 new, tall Christmas Tree Palms on the street side of Kokomo, and they LOVED feeding on the berries! It offered me a great position on the porch to watch them and take pictures and these three videos.

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Anniversary Pic

First Anniversary Fishing Trip

We’ve been back in Nashville for only 3 days and already our trip to Abaco seems like a fairy tale dream. I feel like I stepped through the closet in the Chronicles of Narnia to enter a magical universe and now I’m back wondering whether or not it really all happened. I’ve been going to Casurina Point for 18 years and I keep finding new ways to enjoy the area. This time Marianna and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in the same place where we got married. First of all, we fished… a lot! Mostly we spearfished, which to me is the most entertaining type of fishing. It’s more like hunting, except it’s way more fast paced and interactive than any other type of hunting I’ve experienced, and the reward is delicious. Pictured on the left is a 35 pound cubera snapper that I speared on the reef out by the two little islands you see to the right from the balcony of Abaco Palms.   Marianna and I were checking out a reef right off of the island.  I dove down with Hawaiian sling in hand, spotted him in a hole, and popped him right in the […]

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The Bridge House on Harbour Island at Schooner Bay, Abaco, Bahamas

Progress update from Abaco…

Hello from the Miami airport!  I am on my way home to Talladega after a short trip to check on the houses and inspect the progress on The Bridge House at Schooner Bay.  I am SO EXCITED!  The Bridge House is just as I hoped it would be!  I can’t wait to see it finished!  The finish dates keeps moving farther out.  (Is that surprising to anyone?)  I think it is possible that it could be finished the end of February, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  Luckily they have large crews that will work on the different finish processes – such as tile work, painting, etc. As you can see in the picture, the Bridge House is PINK!  There is trim on the main level that still needs to painted white and the landscaping will help tone down the pink.  Right now I think it looks TOO pink!…but I hope you can envision it with more white trim and some nice landscaping.  🙂 The main floor has 2 bedrooms (that will have king beds) each with an ensuite bath, and there is a powder room off the living area.  The ‘pop-up loft’ has 2 […]

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TOO many GORGEOUS sunrises and sunsets to post!  Amazing!

Recent Activity at Abaco Palms Properties….

We have been busy the past few months working on improvements to our properties, and I want to cover some of the highlights in this post. The Bridge House – Progress with our Schooner Bay Property Here are a few recent pictures of our newest house that is under construction.  We are excited that the current estimated completion date is mid-January! Camp David’s paintings have been hung. and the street side yard’s initial landscaping has been done.   We are really excited about our new beach level deck and grass at Abaco Palms. One of our MOST EXCITING projects from the past few months was moving 3 HUGE coconut trees!  One (the largest) is now in front of Abaco Palms, and 2 are in front of Kokomo and will be ready for a hammock next year.   We moved the largest of the 3 trees to the beach in front of Abaco Palms.     I was amazed as I watched the process of moving the huge trees.  It was quite a project!…but I think it will REALLY be worth it. I know this has turned in to a LONG post, but I didn’t want to have 3 or 4 […]

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