AFTER REGULAR HOURS: Roderick’s Convenience Store & Triple R Liquor Store – open late and EVERY DAY – 365 DAYS A YEAR!

Roderick’s Convenience Store – Open EVERY DAY until 10 pm -making it a great option for shopping after regular business hours.

Another very convenient store that is open after hours – next door to Roderick’s you will find Triple R Liquor Store – open from 9 am to 9 pm EVERY DAY.

From the Airport Roundabout, take the main road toward Marsh Harbour (coming from the airport it is your second road off the roundabout).  Stay on that road until you see the ESSO Gas Station and turn left there.  Go .4 miles and at the intersection you will see shops on the right.  The shop on the corner is the liquor store, Triple R, and connected to it is Roderick’s.  Because Roderick’s original building burned about 6 weeks ago, the signs were not very good when I took the pictures.  Roderick also told me that he plans to double the size of the store soon – into the empty space that is next to his current store.

Directions to Roderick’s – with pictures:                                                  Drive toward town until you see the ESSO gas station and turn left:

Drive 4/10 (.4) mile and you will see shops on your right (the white building):

The first section of this white building, right on the corner, is Triple R Liquor Store, and in the same building you will find Roderick’s:

This is Roderick – the owner.

Here are a few pictures inside the store to give you an idea of what you can find there.  By the time you read this he might have completed the expansion into the next section, doubling the size of his store:

Roderick’s DOES have a refrigerator box – with milk, eggs, etc., and I tried to take a picture, but all I got was a reflection – not worth showing you. 🙁

This is Triple R Liquor Store

Triple R Liquor Store

They are open until 10 pm EVERY DAY!  (365 DAYS A YEAR!)


Here are some pictures of the inside of Triple R:














Borderline LiquorsAnother good option I know of with extended hours AND they are open EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR – including HOLIDAYS! – 365 (or 366) days a year is Borderline Liquors.  Their phone number is: 242-699-2161, and their hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 9am-10pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am-11pm

Sunday 9am-9pm

Their hours are the same EVERY DAY – ALL YEAR.

Directions to Borderline Liquors:  When you are driving toward the harbour take a left at the traffic light and stay on that road for about 3/4 mile.  Go past the port and then after a BIG curve take the next left in front of  The Ambassador Inn Motel

The Ambassador Inn Motel
The Ambassador Inn Motel – Take a left here…

(it is the 2nd REAL street on the left from the traffic light).  Once you turn left (The street is Crockett Drive, but there is no sign right now.) Borderline Liquors will be immediately on your left.  Roderick’s Convenience Store (see details under ‘Abaco Info’ ‘Shopping’ and ‘Grocery Stores’) is next door to Borderline – so it makes for convenient, one stop shopping when you need supplies on a holiday or after regular store hours.  🙂

It is not as large a store as Bristol Cellars or the other options above, but it has a nice variety to get you by.  Here is a brief slide show of the inside of the store, so you will know what to expect and what you will expect to find available.  Tell them Kathy sent you!  🙂

Wildav Liquors

Wildav Liquors is open on Sunday and is close to the main traffic light in Marsh Harbour – so it is closest to the main part of downtown.  The original store burned in September 2017, and the owner, Tony, told me he was going to reopen across the street in November.  I will take pictures and post more details when we are in Abaco next.  The original location is on the ‘marked map’ that I send in your package, and for now you can still follow the map but look for it across the street from the original store.  From the airport drive in to Marsh Harbour and turn left at the only operating traffic light at Queen Elizabeth Drive (one block before the harbour front road).  It will be about one to one and a half blocks down on the left.