Great Grouper on our Last Day!

Our last day in Abaco and we topped it off with a tasty grouper. At about 7 or 8 pounds this black grouper is about perfect for a couple of tasty filets. Miss Marianna Jewell and myself hopped into the boat at approximately 10:15 AM and headed out into the brilliant calm waters inside Cherokee Sound. In 5 minutes we hit our first reef (intentionally, as in not with the motor), and it was on.  We spotted a sea turtle and a giant ray right off the boat.  Marianna speared a quick Pompano and we moved on to another spot.  Another 5 minutes in the boat and we hit a giant reef.  Even the small fish are big on this one and there are large Schoolmasters by the dozen (these are a member of the Snapper family and delicious).  15 minutes of scoping out the area and as I swim over the reef I spot this juicy grouper minding his own business.  With a quick shot off the Hawaiian sling to the gut this baby was mine.  Speared a few more reef fish and was out of the water by Noon.  Looks like we are having dinner tonight!

Here is a pic from our catch yesterday:

From left to right: Marianna, Parrot Fish, Schoolmaster, Schoolmaster, Jack, Schoolmaster, Grunt, Pompano, Daniel

There were a few big ones that we missed too!  Took a shot a giant trigger that I missed, and saw about a 50 lbs Jew Fish that I didn’t even get close to.  Good times and it has been a great trip!

Spearfishing tip: If you are going to be in the water for a long time wear a scuba skin.  Sunscreen tends to wear off after a while, and the hot sun down here will fry even the darkest of specimens.  The water is warm so it is tempting not to wear one, but I would not go without it.

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