Camp David – after another full week’s work – end of work day 21

Following the week off, it is exciting to see progress being made again at Camp David!  The interior framing is finished – so I can walk IN the rooms.  I am very happy with the layout.

Camp David with interior framing complete, and a BIG stack of plywood ready to cover the exterior walls.
With the interior framing complete – the large ‘great room’ is still open. When I took this picture I was standing at the edge of the living area. At the far end of the open room will be the dining area with the kitchen open to the left. The framed area on the very end is one of the 2 master bedrooms.

Yesterday they set the 6 – 8″x8″ columns that will support the roof over the deck, each secured with a block of concrete 30″ deep and about 2’x2′!  They are not going ANYWHERE!…even in a hurricane!

Three of the columns that will support the deck’s roof. The cross boards you see will be removed later. They are braces to keep the columns straight.
One of the footings of the 8″x8″ columns that will support the roof over the huge deck.
One of the holes before it was poured with concrete.

Last night on our ‘sunset cruise’ I couldn’t resist taking more pictures from the water view.

Camp David viewed from the water on October 12, 2012.
Sunset over Casuarina Point on October 12, 2012.

Next week we should see some BIG changes as they put plywood on the exterior walls!

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