Camp David – end of day 16

Before I update with the MOST current pictures, I want to share a few pictures of Camp David, taken from the water on Monday, September 24th – the end of day 13 of construction.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening out in the skiff.

Picture taken on an evening boat ride – Monday, September 24th.

As David mentioned earlier, we are very fortunate to have a small, but amazing, construction crew building Camp David.  I enjoyed working with them building Kokomo, and we waited for them to be available to start Camp David.  They do it ALL – down to a high quality finish.

Their company is PAR Construction, owned and run by three experts.

Hartie Albury, Roger Pinder, and Andrew Roberts – the key players and the reason PAR is such an outstanding construction company.

They are GREAT guys and a pleasure to work with.

They are from a small community, Cherokee Sound, just across the water from Casuarina Point.  It is a quaint, loyalist settlement with independent, hardworking, resourceful, friendly, helpful residents.   They are honest and loyal, and they care about each other and take care of each other.  They are very special people and a good example to all.

Cherokee is picturesque and charming – a fun place to visit and accessible in our skiffs, but I digress.  I will try to write about visiting Cherokee in another post!

Today, September 28th, is the 16th day of construction.  We started on September 5th – missed one day because of weather and one day because of a death in the close knit community of Cherokee.  The number in the work crew has varied from as few as 3 to a total of 6 on some days.  They have made great progress!

These pictures show the progress through the end of day 16:

The perimeter framing is finished and the center framing has begun.
The east master bedroom and bath have been framed.
The east master bedroom view !
The east master bedroom view.
The west master bedroom view!
The west master bedroom view.
The view in the living/dining/kitchen. The huge windows offer spectacular views!
The view in the ‘great room’ – living/dining/kitchen. The HUGE windows offer spectacular views!
View from the kitchen sink. I had to step back some, because I don’t have a wide angle lens and couldn’t show the whole expanse of windows in one picture from the sink.

That’s it for today.  I am sorry to say that next week I won’t have any progress to report.   White Crowned Pigeon season opens tomorrow (like our dove or quail season at home), and our crew is taking the week off to hunt in the morning and fish in the afternoon – we are on ‘Island Time!’


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