Post Hurricane Bahamas Report

Another post from Chris Daughters of Oregon Fly Fishing Blog. Posted on November 3, 2012.

Ripping West Northwest winds gave way to beautiful weather, all day in-coming tides and hungry Bonefish. Cool for the tropics but amazing for a couple of families from the West. Fishing, beaching, trick or treating has been a blast.

Halloween in the Bahamas
Cash with yellow tail jack
Cash netting in the Bahamas
Cash netting the smallest bonefish on earth!
Paddle board bonefishing in front of Abaco Palms.
Charlie on a paddle board in the Bahamas at Abaco Palms
Charlie with marls bonefish
Double bonefish in the marls!
Christie Sullivan bonefish
BIG bonefish of the Bahamas
Pete’s Pub jon
Pete’s Pub ocean walk way
Patsy and Cash on the beach.

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