Camp David Update

I MEANT to post some pictures as soon as I got home from Abaco, but after being away so long I had SO much to do at home!  Sorry for the delay, but I still want to show the stages of building, so I will post pictures here from October 22nd – the last day I took pictures in Abaco.   These pictures were taken after 25 and 1/2 days of work.

The outside of the house has been covered with plywood – so you can look out the windows now. It is fun for me to walk around each room and look out the windows!
The WHOLE beachside is windows – so any spot has a great view of the beach!
Camp David viewed from the beach. You can see the six new coconut trees.
Floor joists for the large, beach side deck at Camp David.
Another view of the deck and recessed hot tub section.
The west end of the large deck will be lower so the hot tub will not obstruct the view from the 2nd master bedroom. The view from the hot tub through and under the beautiful coconut trees will be spectacular!
Looking at the deck and beach from the kitchen.
Six new coconut trees planted on the beach at Camp David.
Three new coconut trees were planted next to the drive way by the street.

I left in a hurry on October 26th with ‘Tropical Storm’ Sandy on the way.  I had hoped to take pictures the last day, but didn’t get to.  When I reached Miami, I saw the report that HURRICANE Sandy – a Cat. 2 – was heading for Abaco!  I wished I could turn around and finish securing the houses, but it was too late!  Our caretaker, Rex Albury, took care of closing the shutters and preparing the houses – THANK YOU REX!  Hartie and Andrew brought the boats around and left them on trailers at Abaco Palms.

Our houses made it through Sandy with no damage!  The storage room door at Kokomo blew off – but it needed some work anyway- so that was VERY minor!

Here are some pictures we received right after Hurricane Sandy.

Abaco Palms with shutters closed. Luckily – NO damage!

Kokomo after Hurricane Sandy. Kokomo has impact windows – so no hurricane shutters needed.
Our only damage from Hurricane Sandy – the doors to the storage room at Kokomo.

The chairs blew over and we lost some coconut tree limbs – but overall – a GREAT outcome!
The kayaks are still under the house as they were before the storm.
There is some trash in the hot tub, but I had JUST put a new cover on the Kokomo hot tub, so I was really glad Rex put it in the house for the storm.
NO damage at the Camp David construction site.

I am HOPING for some new pictures soon showing the progress at Camp David.  As soon as I receive them, I will try to post.  They SHOULD be putting the roof on now.  That will give it a whole new look!

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