First Anniversary Fishing Trip

Anniversary PicWe’ve been back in Nashville for only 3 days and already our trip to Abaco seems like a fairy tale dream. I feel like I stepped through the closet in the Chronicles of Narnia to enter a magical universe and now I’m back wondering whether or not it really all happened. I’ve been going to Casurina Point for 18 years and I keep finding new ways to enjoy the area. This time Marianna and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in the same place where we got married.

Daniel's Cubera SnapperFirst of all, we fished… a lot! Mostly we spearfished, which to me is the most entertaining type of fishing. It’s more like hunting, except it’s way more fast paced and interactive than any other type of hunting I’ve experienced, and the reward is delicious. Pictured on the left is a 35 pound cubera snapper that I speared on the reef out by the two little islands you see to the right from the balcony of Abaco Palms.  Marianna's Pompano Marianna and I were checking out a reef right off of the island.  I dove down with Hawaiian sling in hand, spotted him in a hole, and popped him right in the head for an instant kill. Honestly this was a pretty lucky shot as I have been seeing cuberas for years, but they have eluded me until now.  There have been several occasions where my spear has just bounced off of their armor-like skin. Marianna speared a lot of fish this trip as well (see her with the pompano on the right).

Marianna's Mackerel at Schooner BayAside from hanging out at Casurina we also checked out the new development at Schooner Bay to see what they had to offer.  Captain Gary took us out for a 30 minute boat tour, and just for fun we put a line out.  Almost instantly Marianna landed a nice Spanish Mackerel.  These are tasty too!  I believe this bodes well for future trips in this area.

Trio Catering Ceviche and Satay
Trio Catering Fresh Salads at Abaco PalmsTo top everything off we decided to have Trio Culinary cater a special anniversary dinner.  Chef David, who catered our wedding and has set the bar very high, cooked for us at Abaco Palms and did not disappoint.  From an appetizer of fresh ceviche and satay to pan seared fish and finally the famous guava duff we had a heck-of-a meal.  Everything was easy, delicious, and Chef David was a pleasure to have around.  We will definitely do it again.  Hopefully next year!


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